Organto Foods Group

New Fruit Group is a subsidiary of Organto Foods Company, an innovative, fast growing global provider of fresh organic fruits and vegetables. The worldwide demand for healthy eating options, especially sustainable organic foods, is on the rise, and Organto Foods is strategicallypositioned in these fast-growing markets.

Organto Foods is publicly traded on the TSX-V Stock Exchange in Canada (OGO), the U.S. (OTC: OGOFF), and the Frankfurt Stock Exchange (OGF). We take pride in our collaborative efforts with esteemed strategic growers and supply chain partners, overseeing every facet of the supply chain to ensure the delivery of high-quality products with utmost transparency.

To minimize our ecological footprint, Organto Foods employs geographically diverse growing regions, sourcing products from around the world to meet consumer demands. Our sourcing spans numerous countries in Europe, North and Latin America, and Africa.

At present, Organto Foods distributes a wide range of organic fruit and vegetable products and innovative concepts to approximately 170 customers across 19 European countries. Recently, we’ve expanded our sales presence into Asia, with a particular emphasis on tropical fruits and culinary trends.


Our mission of making organic fruits and vegetable products available for every Consumer aligns with today’s consumer trends – “good for people & planet”


To bring healthy and nutritious organic fruit and vegetable products to market by creating sustainable and transparent linkages between growers and end markets


To be a leading global provider of organic fruit and vegetable products utilizing an integrated business model, trusted for driving equitable returns to all parties in the value chain


Working together as a team, honouring and respecting our customers and supply chain partners, respecting the world we live in and do what is right for long-term sustainability