Sustainability creating value.

Organic cultivation and fair-trade agricultural products are the focus of our company. This striving also determines our vision of NFG New Fruit Group as a future-oriented and sustainable company that creates sustainable added value for people and nature. Only in this way can we achieve a sustainable and fair ecosystem of partners and consumers who think, live and work just as sustainably.

In Africa as well as in Latin America, we therefore already rely largely on organic products, which means that no synthetic chemicals or pesticides are used there. Our products from organic farming are all BIO certified (EU 834/2007 BIO).

In regions where organic farming is more difficult due to climatic and soil conditions, we are committed to the FAIRTRADE standard. Our FAIRTRADE seal identifies goods whose production complies with certain social, ecological and economic criteria.

Our trading department is also IFS Broker certified. The procedure, which is based on the rules of the International Featured Standard Food, guarantees the quality of products, the health of consumers and the quality level of suppliers and trading partners in the food trade sector.

Healthy, sustainable and fair.

With our WUNDERFRUCHT products, we pursue a responsible approach that guarantees the sustainability of our activities and a special fruit experience. Production, quality management, logistics, sales, marketing and customer service – all steps of value creation are in one hand – the NFG New Fruit Group.

We attach particular importance to protecting local partners and the environment in all the countries in which we operate. The NFG New Fruit Group stands for fair partnerships at eye level and thus strengthens smallholder families and workers in our countries of origin. This commitment is reflected in our Fairtrade, BIO (EU 834/2007) and IFS certifications.

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Quality from the field to the shelf

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Own cultivation & control on site

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Strict quality control throughout the supply chain

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Documented sustainability of all products

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Local partners on site

“Wunderfrucht – the name of our products is both a goal and a claim: every single one of our fruits offers a special fruit experience, healthy, sustainable and fair.”

Hon. Consul Dr. Christopher Hahn, Managing Partner

Our fruits

NFG New Fruit Group markets a specialized range of selected fruit varieties. Every week dozens of tons of our products are on their way to Europe. Our wonder fruits come both from our subsidiaries abroad and from our producers on many continents. On our partner farms in Mexico and the Dominican Republic, we grow bananas, pineapples, coconuts and ginger and collaborate with with local producers.



The pineapple is originally native to America and is now cultivated worldwide in tropical regions as a fruit plant. Pineapples are rich in vitamins (especially vitamin C), minerals and enzymes.



Apples grow in the northern temperate zone in Europe, Asia and North America in over 50 different species. Apples contain over 30 vitamins and trace elements as well as potassium.



Bananas grow in tropical and subtropical regions, preferably in the so-called banana belt around 30 degrees latitude. Bananas need a humid and warm climate for their optimal growth.



Ginger grows in the tropics and subtropics. Due to its many active ingredients, ginger is even used as a remedy - a true WUNDERFRUCHT. Ginger has high potassium and magnesium content and is an important source of trace elements.



The coconut is the fruit of the coconut palm. Coconut palms are cultivated throughout the tropical belt, for example in the tropical regions of Asia as well as in Africa and in the water-rich regions of South America. In addition to water, the fresh flesh contains protein, potassium, calcium, magnesium and vitamin C.



Limes grow in many tropical countries throughout the year. Limes are a rich source of vitamin C, are acidic and are often used to enhance the taste of foods and beverages. Limes also contain many minerals, trace elements (especially zinc and iron) as well as folic acid, vitamin A and vitamin E.



The mango is at home in the tropical rainforest. Today it can be found as a cultivated plant in many parts of the world, including Central and South America and in the tropical belt of Africa (Côte d'Ivoire). Mangos are very healthy and are full of vitamin C, vitamin E and B vitamins.



The papaya occurs worldwide in the tropics and subtropics. Important growing regions are Central and South America (Costa Rica, Brazil) and Africa (Côte d'Ivoire). Papaya is a real WUNDERFRUCHT: besides vitamin C, papayas contain vitamins A, E, B1 to B6 and folic acid.



Our story is a story of people: a group of experienced, motivated and innovative young agricultural entrepreneurs with different backgrounds in the agricultural sector. We come from the exotic tropics of Latin America, the South Tyrolean South Alpine region or are rooted in West Africa.

For generations we have been cultivating and renewing our agricultural skills with common goals that unite us: efficiency, quality, sustainability and fairness.

Our shared experience ranges from the first agricultural apple cultivation in the mountainous regions of northern Italy in the 1990s to the first banana cultivation in the Dominican Republic in the 1950s.

All previous activities of our founders and their ancestors had and have always had in mind the added value for the local farmers – and with success: South Tyrol became one of the leading producers of high-quality apples in Europe and the Dominican Republic has developed into a leading global banana producer.

The new generations now combine their strengths and experience in production, quality management, integrated logistics, sales, marketing and customer service in the NFG New Fruit Group.